At GM Projects, we recognise the value in giving back to our local community and have done so through a range of local projects.

Cadzow Nursery

Outdoor learning is a key driver for Cadzow Nursery and after we saw the toddler and pre-school groups venturing out on a journey to Cadzow Glen, we offered to provide the nursery with nursery branded high vis vests.

Our offer was gratefully accepted and now whenever the children set out on their outdoor adventures, they and the staff are dressed in their safety vests. It has made it easier and safer for the staff to help the children across roads and to give that extra peace of mind that their little people are wearing the nursery logo.

Jeanfield Swifts Community Club

Reaching out into the local community and offering football opportunities to those who desire them is at the heart of Jeanfield Swifts Community Club.

This is why GM Projects has forged a close link with the club and has donated tracksuits and matchday polo shirts, allowing the club to focus on the development of those who are keen to play.


Family is at the heart of what we do at GM Projects which is why we chose CHUF and Clic Sargent as the two charities that we would regularly donate to. The work that these two charities do is endless and provides much needed support to families with sick children. CHUF’s mission is to make life better for children and young people who are born with or who develop heart conditions by providing lifelong support to them and their families. CLIC Sargent work with children and young people with cancer, offering support and the help that they need during their cancer treatment and beyond, including bereavement support to their families.


The Scottish Property Industry Festival of Christmas was first launched in 1983 and since then has raised over £4 million for children’s charities in Scotland through various fundraising events it holds each year.

We continue to support these events on an annual basis as the funds raised at them enable the purchase of much needed equipment and offer funds to support a better function of caring by the nominated children’s charities.